Mt View Meat & Sausage Company

2519 112th St. E Tacoma, WA 98445

Meat cutting

Over three generations in business

  • Custom Beef and Pork Cutting and Wrapping

  • Double Plastic Coated Butcher Paper

  • Plastic Chubs for Burger

  • In-House Smoking and Curing

  • Hanging your meat for 7 - 14 days

  • Flash Freezing

  • Sausage Making with Vacuum Packing

As a family-owned and operated meat shop, you can rely on our professional staff to provide you with quality cutting and wrapping for your farm-raised animals.

Call us: 253-537-5332

Our Processing includes:

Please call for appointment to custom cut and wrap your farm raised beef and pork in our clean and professional shop.

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